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Consulting for your vinegar production and other fruit processings

We are able to offer you the full know how for your vinegar production according to your requirements.

 Calculation of profitabililty

We offer a charge free calculation of profitability, from where you can see all relevant costs for a vinegar production. For small scale vinegar machines, we offer a free calculation form for the profitability.


Engineering and Design

The engineering and design of your new vinegar production comprises all necessary technical drawings and calculations for the plant. Adapted for your building, you get an installing plan with the necessary baseplate, cable conducts, conducts for piping and airpipes. We can also help you with the design of your show room.

Execution of your project

The execution of your project is made together with the best companies available on the market as component suppliers. All of these companies are ISO and/or CE certified. According to requirements the machines are delivered ready to start. Large systems are assembled on-site. LABU systems will only be delivered ready to start.

Installation, Assembling and Commissioning

The installation of our vinegar plants is done by one of our experts. Toghether with the assembling and comissioning we are able to make a full know how transfer about the production to your employee. If needed we offer you the full production know how, also for wines and fruit wines. The comissioning of the plant will be made together with the buyer and the employees. It is also possible to make a training for the employees at a working plant next to our company.

Service department and advisory service

When working with your vinegar machine, some questions may occur. As our customer, you get free advise by email. Additonally to this, we offer seminars for our customers to inform about recent know how and processing information. With our After Sales Service we are able to offer you all wear parts and consumable supplies to a special price. Together with the vinegar plant, we give you the recipe for nutrients, so that you do not have extra costs by buying the nutrients. So you are able to save a lot of money with us.
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