Vinegar plant LABU


The submerged vinegar plant LABU for professional and fast transformation of wines and fruit wines into vinegar complies with the CE norm and is available in two different types.

With the vinegar plant LABU all parts in contact with vinegar are made of stainless steel 1.4301, as well as food safe and acid resistant plastic connections in the liquid flow. The production system is a submerged system with a in suspension of the vinegar nut. This prevents the formation of a vinegar nut and optimal conversion results can be achieved.
When produced correctly, the end product has the colour of the raw material, complete oxidation without acetaldehyde and a minimum residual alcohol content of less than 0.1% vol. Production can be assumed at Classical LABU on a weekly basis with about 150 % of the filling quantity of the plant. The production quantity depends on the raw material, the initial alcohol content and the variety of products and can vary from plant to plant. The Pro plants produce finished vinegar in a 12 hour rhythm. Acid values of up to 10% are thus possible without any problems.

These sizes are produced:
Classical LABU with Venturi Air System

Beginner 20 liter vinegar plant incl. cooling
Small 130 litre vinegar plant incl. cooling and overheating protection
Medium 300 litre vinegar plant incl. cooling and overheating protection
Large 600 liter vinegar plant incl. cooling and overheating protection

Dimensions and weight Classical LABU

 Plant Outer diameter Height WeightElectrical consumption
 Beginner 20 300 mm 900 mm 15 kgs153 Watt
 Small 130 650 mm 1100 mm 68 kgs590 Watt
 Medium 300 870 mm 1100 mm 106 kgs1180 Watt
 Large 600 1030 mm 1300 mm 146 kgs1770 Watt

LABU Professional with turbo ventilation system

The Labu Professional line is made for a fast and high quality production. With a special designed aeration system is it possible to ferment in shortest time between 12 and 24 hours, depending on the alcohol content of the raw material. There are nearly no losses of alcohol and quantity through evaporation. So this system is your system, if you plan to start a medium sized production.

LABU Pro 1 incl. cooling incl. Turbo:
600 liter tank with about 350 l working volume for daily 100 L with 7% acid

LABU Pro2 incl. cooling incl. Turbo
1000 liter tank with about 700 l working volume for daily 300 L with 7% acid

For cooling you need cold water with a temperature <14°C. Power 400V and 240V must be available on site.

The vinegar plant LABU was designed for minimum power consumption. Depending on the size, the following amounts of electricity are consumed (see table). Heating is usually only necessary in winter when the liquid to be put into the machine is cold. It switches off and on automatically. Of course you can choose the switching points yourself.

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