What exactly is vinegar

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What exactly is vinegar?

  • Vinegar is the oldest storable food
  • Vinegar is the only food without expiry date
  • Vinegar is durable and storable almost for an unlimited period
In wine production vinegar is regarded as “spoiled” food. Good vinegar is a result of fermentation and oxidation of an alcoholic or sugary liquid. Cheap vinegar is manufactured by diluting acetic acid with water or by the transformation of ethyl alcohol of agricultural origin. For the human palate this cheap vinegar is only sour and offers no additional flavours. Bon vivants will choose another vinegars. 100 % pure vinegars from fruit or vegetable are made from the juice of fresh product. They bring along the taste, the smell, the flavour and the color of the fruits into the finished vinegar. These pure vinegars are particularly valuable for the human body because they are manufactured carefully and naturally.  Tasting them is a revelation for the palate! World-wide about 3.50 Euro (= USD 4,75) per person are spent on vinegar per year. Europe and North America are the largest vinegar consumers of the world. Followed of Asia, Latin America and the African states. Of these large quantities, only about 0.4% are quality vinegar from fresh fruits and less than 0.1% genuine balsamic vinegar. The following diagram shows this quite clearly. Nevertheless, is an upward trend to high quality vinegars. Vinegars around the world
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