Get know-how at the vinegar center

The vinegar center is the perfect place for small seminars up to 10 participants. We offer a wide range of know-how about vinegar and fruit processing.  We are offering seminars for your group and your customized to your needs. The target group are consumers, chefs and persons who love to cook, wine makers and fruit processors, who are interested in vinegar production. We also offer specialized training and consulting. Contact us!

What types of seminars are offered?

  • Vinegar Processing seminars
  • Culinary seminars for cooking with vinegar
  • Fruit processing courses for all types of fruit processing e.g. Juices, brandies….
  • Customized to your demands: consulting and training in Austria or at your place


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Seminar for beginners:

The seminar for beginners offers the full know-how, which is necessary to start a small vinegar production. You learn all about making fruit wines and wines, about vinegar cultures and handling them, which facilities, equipment and technology you need for producing vinegar. The seminar costs 80 € and includes scriptum and vinegar tasting. Precognition: None Registration with our contact form.
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