Well being with vinegar

High-quality vinegar ranks already for 4,000 years among the cures of nature. The advanced cultures of Egypt, Greece and Rome swore on the health effect. In the meantime forgotten applications were revived by the health boom of the late 90`s of the last millenium.

But what are the miracle things those the vinegar is after-said? The effect of the vinegar on the human organism is just as versatile as its application. Simply expressed it can be said that vinegar has a refreshing and astringent effect.

By the low pH value the also following effects are recognizable:

  • Vinegar works deslagging
  • It leads to an adjustment of the Darmflora and works thereby dietetic
  • Vinegar can be used as disinfectant
  • Its positive medical influence on our organism

Vinegar works for example fever-lowering. Acetic acid is produced by the body for the dismantling of fats and carbohydrates as well as for the conversion of protein. Consumed vinegar helps to improve this reaction. Vinegar and other sour meals do not produce acids, but a basic reaction in the organism. They affect therefore the bases positively.

Knee lenght vinegar sock after minister Kneipp

This prescription helps Kneipp according to minister with bad blood circulation, falling asleep disturbances and nervousness. 4 parts lukewarm water with 1 part vinegar mix, knee lenght sock from cotton therein immerse, easily express, tighten, with a warm blanket to possibly cover and 1 hour influence leave. If the vinegar cotton-binds undiluted with one is used, then a fever lowering is possible by the suggestion of the blood circulation.

Vinegar as cure

In principle many nourishing physiologists advise against food cures. Chamfered and radical cures lead only rarely to desired success. Like that it is also with vinegar cures. To be easily changed over better it is the food much salad with vinegar to be consumed and simply. This brings best success together with movement finally.

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