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Vinegar as seasoning

Vinegar as seasoning is found in many products. In earlier times, vinegar had only one purpose: to make food sour. When vinegar was used as a spice, herbs and flavours were added. Time changes and today we can find a lot of special vinegars with natural fruit flavour in delicatessen shops. The customer can choose between origin, way of processing and nearly all fruits or other alcoholic primary products. Also regional products like balsamic vinegar, are filling the racks of supermarkets and our kitchens. This makes the choice not easy, but brings a lot of new tasting experiences. Salads without vinegar are not the same as with a good vinegar. Make a difference and use another vinegar variety for your favourite dish. You will see, it will taste new! Chefs will find the wide range of usage perfect for their special style. Vinegar is not only necessary for salads. What is a perfect goulash without vinegar or how can a Austrian “Apfelstrudel” dough be made without vinegar? Also mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup and chutney depend on vinegar as a primary product. There are a lot of recipes where vinegar is used and everyone has to find his or her favourite one. Vinegar is not only used for sour and salty tasting food. It is also perfect for sweet desserts. Have you ever tried our Vanilla ice salad? Take two scoops of vanilla ice cream. Spray it with pumpkin seed oil and TBA-wine vinegar from sweet wine. We promise, you will like this culinaric experiment!

Vinegar as preservative

The pickling of fruits, vegetables, mushrooms and wild herbs is one of the oldest methods of preservation. Industrial products are made with white vinegar or vinegar from distilled wine. This vinegar has no typical taste and flavour. So there is no possibility for variety, you do not get a typical or regional taste. People are interested in delicatessen. So there are a lot of ways for smaller producers to create their typical products. And the consumers will taste it. With our know how you have the chance to make an unique product for your regional market. We offer a wide range of recipes in our book about vinegar processing.


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