Beautiful with vinegar

Unique nature products like vinegar have been used for a long time as cosmetic products. A lot of the natural ingredients of vinegar have a cosmetic effect. But don’t expect wonders! Vinegar helps to get a natural, clear skin without shiny parts without any effects for the body like industrial cosmetic products can have.

Preservatives or colorants in industrial cosmetic products have aroused suspicion  to cause cancer. With our vinegar, a natural product without any preservatives or colorants your’re on the save side. In a lot of vinegar books you can find beauty recipes. Here we present you some of the best ones:

Beauty recipes with vinegar

Vinegar can help you to get a brilliant and healthy look. The mild acidity and the content of mineral salts is perfect for cleaning the skin.

Facewater made from Apple cider vinegar

Give your skin a juvenile fresh look and a rose complexion with a natural face water made from apple cider vinegar. Mix water and apple cider vinegar (it should not be made from concentrated juice) 1:1. Put it on a cotton pad and swipe over your face. The mild acidity removes excessive fat from the skin and helps the skin to regain the natural pH-value.

Mild hair conditioner with Quince vinegar

Oily, thin, dry or damaged hair and no shine? Vinegar can help! And also healthy and thick hair can be easily conditioned with a conditioner made from water and quince vinegar. The flavour of the quinces provides a fresh citric smell and the ethereal oils work like a deep conditioner. Mix 3 parts of water with 1 part quince vinegar, massage the mixture into your freshly washed hair. After 2 minutes rinse with lukewarm water.

Beauty bath with Peach vinegar

Taking a bath is relaxing, but bath foam and soaps dry the skin out. For this reason we recommend a beauty bath with peach vinegar. Pour about 0.1 litres of peach vinegar in the bath tab and experience a fresh and fruity feeling. The PH-value of your skin is regenerated. Note: Don’t use vinegars with articifical aroma!

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