Apple country

The apple country Fischerauer

The world of fruit and its liquid products is associated with pleasure. Andreas Fischerauer (consultant, fruit farmer, author and vinegar producer) welcomes you on your journey into the world of fruit. Get to know the work of the fruit farmer in Apfelland Fischerauer and the associated glass production in the vinegar centre. Located in the heart of Eastern Styria with a view of the mountains of Western Styria, the company is in a truly picturesque location. “We don’t make vinegar with fruit, we make vinegar from fresh fruits.” Enjoy the variety of local and international vinegars during a commented tasting in the vinegar centre. We have decided to change the orchard so that we can get through without plant protection and only with mulching. This works quite well for processed goods….. and that’s all we need.

The Fruit Grower

the heart of apple country, already cultivated by Andreas Fischerauer in the third generation – supplies the basic products for our fruit processing. On the one hand a farmer and on the other hand a professional vinegar company, results for you an interesting enterprise. The orchards and the park are ideal for rest and relaxation. Find the way to nature before tasting our vinegar and mustard specialities as part of a guided tour. Fresh apples and quinces in autumn increase the enjoyment and let your palate cheer for joy. Learn how our vinegar can refine your dishes, browse the books on hand, be inspired by a recipe from the cookbook “Kulinarische Erlebnisse der sauren Art” or simply buy the specialities you are interested in at your leisure in the farm shop. We would be happy to take you on a tasting of the vinegars, mustard specialities and our home made bbq sauces. The fruit-growing farm is interesting all year round. During spring the flowering is to be observed, in summer the variety of animals and the coolness in the shade. Autumn, the time of harvest, is busy and always a bit exciting. And in winter the trees are cut. Of course, you can also look over our shoulders at any time.

Our apples (Malus domestica)

On some 1000 trees we produce fresh, healthy and above all tasty apples. Our fruit growing is no longer intensive fruit growing in the classical sense. We limit plant protection to the preservation of trees and not to perfect fruits. Thus about 3 applications with sulphur take place in order to keep the trees healthy. Insects and sucking pests are not controlled. These applications are significantly less permitted than in biological production. However, the fruit farm is not biologically certified. This gentle production gives us significantly more sugar and above all more aroma – tasty fruits for perfect vinegar. The apple belongs to the group of rose petals. More than 2000 varieties are known worldwide. Our aim is to produce the cultivated varieties with a particularly intensive taste so that a corresponding aroma can be achieved in further processing. The following varieties are currently cultivated on our farm: Delbar Estivale – fresh for dinner as the first early variety Golden Delicious – an old variety that expires here because it cannot be produced without crop protection Idared – intense taste and very juicy fruits Braeburn – gives our vinegars that certain something Hirnsdorfer Bockapfel – a regional variety where the primeval tree has grown in our vicinity Maschanzker – back to the roots These varieties meet the needs and requirements of our vinegar production and also meet the high taste requirements of quality-oriented consumers. Taste the result of a guided tour in the form of various apple trees. We refine these noble fruits into four exciting and fruity varieties: Apple vinegar, naturally cloudy – the unfiltered variant with the full aroma of fresh fruit Apple vinegar with honey – sweet with a delicate honey note – ideal for drinking and for vinegar cures Apple vinegar matured in barrels – the mature, soft vinegar with a distinct wood note. Apple balsamic vinegar – noble, fruity and sweet – matured for 4 years in wooden barrels.

The quince (Cydonia oblonga)

The quince (Cydonia oblonga) belongs to the group of pome fruits and to the supergenus of the roseflower family. Originally from the Caucasus, the quince is now native to large parts of Europe and Asia. Obsthof Fischerauer is one of the quince pioneers in Styria, but in recent years a large number of trees have fallen victim to fire blight. Quinces are not good to eat in their raw state due to the high proportion of tannins. However, the fruit is ideal for processing, as the typical and intense aroma develops well. Jelly, quince cheese, puree and juice can be made mainly from quince. We have been using quince for many years to produce a finely fruity, aromatic quince vinegar. Quince vinegar: clearly intense quince fruit, light citrus, some coriander and spruce resin in the nose. On the palate persistently spicy, delicate walnut, quince fruit very intense. Order here And in 2011 and 2012 this quince vinegar also won the first Austrian vinegar award and the vinegar was chosen as Austria’s best pome fruit vinegar.
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