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Natural BBQ Sauces made by Fischerauer


Spring, summer and autumn are the classic months for grilling. And in winter you can enjoy a fine fondue. The best meat, fine vegetables and high-quality ingredients make a successful meal and a cosy afternoon or evening. With the traditional American BBQ, the grilled food is cooked long and at a low temperature – this produces smoky taste experiences and the juice remains in the grilled food.

Great importance is attached to the best ingredients – and then we had to find out again and again that various cheap BBQ sauces from the discount food sector are served with these barbecue specialities, which usually have a lot of ingredients on the label. This is of course a great pity. The BBQ sauces from Fischerauer have been developed from this story. Few natural ingredients – as far as possible from our own company, high knowledge of food production and exact and clean work enable us to produce grill sauces of the highest quality.

At our company, BBQ sauces are produced with only a short heating process in order to preserve the full taste of the ingredients. Together with the company, we have developed different flavours and spiciness levels. Especially with the barbecue sauces, it is very important to us what is not in the sauce! We don’t need flavour enhancers and artificial flavours!

The flavours range from mild to hot, from fruity to smoky, so that there is something for every grilled dish. From a certain amount we can also produce your own sauce for you.

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