Fischerauer Essig und SenfproduktionThe production of vinegar – full experience

 Vinegar self made

“Vinegar self made” is THE book for all vinegar producers. Initially written for small vinegar makers and hobby producers, also all essential information for high professionals is included. Hardcover, in German. For English speaking persons we offer a pdf file in English.


Manual for vinegar production  

Nature finds a way for everything. Vinegar could be made from all types of fruits, vegetables and starch-containing products. Everything you can ferment works.


Small vinegar machines

The system LABU for modern vinegar production is available from 20 litres filling to a professional system with 600 litres filling. See data and information about this modern processing system.


Systems for professionals – large scale   

Submerge technology for industrial and middle sized companies are also offered from our company. Of course we offer also a full concept for your vinegar factory.



More than 10 years consulting and work together with vinegar producers, and 130 installed vinegar plants make us market leader with small vinegar machines. We offer you an optimum of experience.



Through our world wide network we are able to offer you the full vinegar production. From the first concept, to the marketing and the installation of the machine, we can help you with full consulting and technology.


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