Vinegar lexicon

Here we want to give you some information about vinegar types and knowledge about vinegar. This lexicon is not exhaustive. © Andreas Fischerauer. It is not allowed to take any parts of the text or copying something without a written authorization of the owner of this website. With our permission use of text is only allowed with indiaction of the origin.  

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The tasting of vinegar


desired         apple, rubbed apple, green apple, grassy, bright undesired     pear, airless grassy, aldehyde, brown, foul yeast remark          nearly the same tasting of all varieties


desired         intensive pear, typical flavour, soft grassy, goldyellow undesired     oily, oxidated, ranty, airless remarks        some varieties have less flavour


desired          intensive quince, lemon, fresh, less tannins undesired      brown, aldhyde, airless, bitter, no fruit remarks         intensive vinegar with a typical flavour


desired         typical prune, less bitter almond, less stone undesired     too much bitter almond, only stone, foul remarks        smaller varieties bring more flavour


desired           fresh cherry, less stone, chocolate flavour undesired       aldehyde, too much stone, bitter, brown colour remarks          a typical and intensive variety

Wine vinegar

desired          typical taste of variety, typical colour, fruit tasteable undesired      brown or dark colour, yeast tasteable, remarks         most time muscat flavours are more intensive


desired          less bitter almond, fresh flavour, golden colour undesired      grassy, intensive bitter almond, brown colour remarks         some vinegars are very intensive


desired          gently peach, less bitter almond, light grassy undesired      soapy taste, brown, untypical taste, remarks         less intensive fruit

Black currant

desired         Cassis, grassy, intensive fruit, red-blue colour undesired     airless, bitter, too much tannins, brown colour, thinner tasteable remarks        typical vinegar with intensive flavour

Herb vinegars

desired          typical herb flavour, not too salty, harmonic undesired      grassy, salty, hay, no herbs tasteable remarks         this vinegars must be harmonic


desired           vegetable must be tasteable, intensive, fresh undesired       aldehyde, bitter, brown, no typical colour, foul yeast remarks          Vegetable vinegars are very intensive

Spiced vinegars

desired          intensive, typical spice taste, aromatic, harmonic undesired      disharmonic, aldehyde, no typical taste, more vinegar than spice flavour remarks         Spiced vinegars have to be intensive
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