Tomatosauce with Habanero Chili 250g

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Fresh tomatoes are the basis for this intensive “ketchup”-like tomato sauce with Habanero.

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[ to: Paradeis = older New High German form of tomato; after comparing the strong red with the beauty of the forbidden fruit in paradise]

Paradeis mild is a fine paradeis sauce (which is not called ketchup because there is not enough sugar in it!), which is produced from Styrian paradeis by the Platzer family in our house and marketed under the brand (Martina Fischerauer).

Hot Habanero chillies  of the brand give the fine taste.

Ingredients: passed tomatoes (80%), apple vinegar, sugar, corn starch, salt, 1% Habanero. Fits all dishes as a ketchup alternative, but also ideal with sausages and of course very good with hot burgers.

100g contains

Energy 242KJ/58kcal
Fat <0,5g
unsaturated fatty acids 0,1g
carbonhydrates 12g
from this sugar 9g
proteins 1,1g
salt 1,7g



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Tomatosauce with Habanero Chili 250g