Knowledge around vinegar D-H


Distilled vinegar

This vinegar is made from distilled alcohol, when it is made with the fermention way. This alcohol is made from potatoes, grain, corn or waste materials of the sugar industry. The alcohol is diluted with water down to between 10 and 12 % vol. and fermented.

For this process it is necessary to work with bacteria nutrition. This vinegar has no flavour. It is only sour and smelling like acetic acid. Consumers, who prefer cheap vinegars or vinegars with no taste should take this vinegar. Most of this vinegar is used for industrial pickled products.

Vinegar eels

Vinegar eels (Turbatrix aceti) are small nematodes, which live at sour mediums. They bear living vinegar ells. In the vinegar production they are not wished, but they are used as fish food. Vinegar eels can be filtered away and they die at UV light.

Fruit vinegar

All fruits, which can be processed to fruit juices can be made to vinegars. The most common vinegar is apple cider vinegar, because of its cheap price. Apple cider vinegar is not only the cheapest one, it is also one of the healthiest vinegars. Its content of mineral salts like Calcium and Magnesium is very high. A lot of other materials, which are necessary for the human life, like vitamins and micro elements, can verified by chemical control.

Grain vinegar

Grain vinegar is the same as distilled vinegar (see top of this page)

Honey vinegar

Honey vinegar is made from honey which is diluted with water. This dilution is fermented with yeast and then produced to vinegar. Only high quality honey can be used, because bad qualities do not bring the typical honey flavor. This vinegar is tasting a little bit sweet and brings typical aromes from the honey into the vinegar. The usage is for salad dressings, fruit salads and also for fresh fruits.

Herb vinegar

A lot of shops are selling herbs and spice vinegars to a high price. Most those vinegars come from a cheap basic product where some herbs or spices have been added. This cheap way for processing aromatized vinegars can also be made from small vinegar producers.  They can grow the herbs in their garden.


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