Knowledge around vinegar A-C


Himbeeressig Image kleinApple cider vinegar

The producing of fruit vinegars has a long tradition. It is a cheap and healthy vinegar. For the processing the apples should be fully ripened and clean. Fruits from the floor are not clean enough to be used. The best vinegars can be made with fresh and picked apples. Apple cider vinegar is used for diets, salads and also as medicine.

Apricot vinegar

Apricot vinegar can be made the same way like peach vinegar. The tasting of this vinegar is very intensive. The best way to use is for salads and marinating beef. With the high pH value, the fresh apricot wine should be stored at a cool place.

Balsamic vinegar

The traditional balsamic vinegar is an aged vinegar made from the cooked must from Trebbiano grapes and stored for a  minimum of 12 years in wooden barrels. The wood is cherry, oak, chestnut, mulberry and ash tree. There are a lot of copies and mixed vinegars around. Cheap balsamic vinegars are made from wine vinegar, grape concentrate, sulfurs and caramel for colouring. The quality of the latter is very low.

Banana vinegar

Vinegar made from bananas is well known at South America and South East Asia. Most times cooking varieties or second qualities are used for this typical and intensive vinegar. This vinegar is perfect for cooking and very interesting for exotic salads.

Berry vinegar

All berry types can be made to vinegar. Most common is the way to add berries to a wine vinegar and store this for some time. These vinegars are very cheap and often have a typical flavor of the berries. For a high quality producer the better way is to make a fruit wine and ferment this to vinegar. But these fruites are often very expensive and can not be sold for this high price. If the producer has a market for those high priced products, he/she should make it, as berry vinegars are lovely and typical in taste.

Cherry vinegar

Vinegars made from cherries are dark and have an intensive fruit flavour. The taste is a little bit sour and bitter with a light tone of bitter almond. The bitter almond is typical and comes from the stones. This type of vinegars can be used for salads and dark sauces and also for marinating lambs for BBQ. Sour cherry vinegars can be used for fruit salads.


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