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Leek soup with gammon and sweet wine vinegar (Martina Großmayer)





4 serves
1 TS Oil
1 TS Butter
1 fresh leek
3 middle sized potatoes
1,5 l vegetable soup
1 TS Corn starch
2 EL sour cream
Salt, Pepper, Nutmegg
100 grams regional gammon (fine sliced)
Sweet wine vinegar


Wash the leek and cut into fine rings. Take a full hand for decoration away. Peel the potatoes and cut into small pieces. Sweet the leek rings in the oil butter mixture. Season with salt, pepper and nutmegg and then add the vegetable soup. Bring to heat. Give the pieces of potato into the soup and then cook around 10 minutes. In the meantime cut the gammon into fine slices. Give the starch into 200 millilitres of cold water and stir it up. Then add this into the soup. Now it is time to blend the soup. Mix for around 20 seconds with the blender. Then fill the soup into soup plates, place the gammon and the leek for decoration and season to taste with sweet wine vinegar.

Loin of venison with balsamic vinegar (Andreas Fischerauer)

1,3 kgs Loin of venison
25 mls Sunfloweroil
200 mls Balsamico al Ginepro
Juniper berry
corn starch
unfiltered apple juice


Cut the filet from the loin and hold all other parts. Marinate the filet with balsamic vinegar and envelope it with the herbs. Then envelope all with cling film and place it into the refrigerator. Cut the bones and the other parts into small pieces, cook with a little thyme and the coriander and juniper berry to a thick stock. Best for this is a roasting tray. Make the stock not to fast and add the 200 mls of balsamic vinegar after 15 minutes. Best is it at the oven with 220 °C for around 30-40 minutes. When the stock is thick, then cut the filet into pieces and roast them fast. Mix the starch with apple juice and add it into the stock. Cook for 20 seconds and then decorate the stock at the plate. Place the filet decorative and serve red cabbage and croquettes as side dish.


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