Spice and vinegar

Basil vinegar (Andreas Fischerauer)







Fresh basil is available all year round. Try this recipe for basil vinegar:

1 litre white wine or apple cider vinegar
40 grams fresh basilic leaves
a little bit of salt
10 pcs. of green pepper corn

Put everything in a bottle and  store it at a dark and cool place for around 4 weeks. The temperature should not be higher than 18 °C (64 °F). The peppercorns and the little bit of salt give a special flavour.   

Garden herb vinegar (Andreas Fischerauer)

There are a lot of recipes for a vinegar with garden herbs. This recipe is very simply:

2 litres apple cider vinegar
10 grams chives
10 grams parsley
10 grams marjoram
10 grams thyme
10 grams oregano
a little bit salt

The herbs will be cut and diffused in the vinegar for around 4 weeks at a dark and not too warm place. The  vinegar should be filtered and bottled. For decoration you can put some herb stems in the bottle.

Ginger vinegar (Andreas Fischerauer)

This vinegar is the best for marinating steaks and pork meat. Also fine sauces can be made with it.

2 litre white wine vinegar or apple cider vinegar
½ fresh ginger
10 grams dried rose mary or 30 grams fresh rose mary
a little bit salt

All ingredients will be added into the vinegar and stored at a dark and cool place for a diffusion for around 4 weeks.
All of this recipes are taken from the book “Vinegar self made” which you can order as PDF file at the online shop.


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